Landlord / Property Manager: Vifast Realty

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  • Buildings In: Manhattan
  • Website: n/a
  • Phone: (212) 239-8580
  • Accepts Insurent: No what's this?

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Posted By: UWS Renter Rating:
Vifast Realty is absolutely HORRIBLE to deal with. For living in such a nice neighborhood, you would expect that they would not act like slumlords, but they do. After complaining about mold in our apartment for 3 weeks, and buying our own mold test, and reporting them to the city, they finally came to fix the issue. Of course this was after they tried to send handymen to our apartment twice without our knowledge to replace the hole in our ceiling, without checking for mold. Fortunately, I went home for lunch both of those days. I terrified the handymen because they were told no one would be home. They said a licensed mold cleaner would come in to fix the issue, which was not true. They sent a handyman/plumber -- or at least I think he is a plumber. They also never tell you when they are coming to fix things, if they decide to come at all. I've rented from several companies, and this is the WORST experience I have ever had. No matter how nice the apartment is, don't rent from then. They believe in quick fixes and covering things up. They never do anything properly.