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Posted By: Tatiana Rating:
My husband and I are extremely grateful to Vickers Realty. They made our stay in NYC as simple and happy as possible. They helped us from the very beggining and we never had any problem at all. They are really good and professional people whom you can trust and know they will be there if you need anything. We have no doubt that if we ever come back to NY we would contact and rent again with them! The apartment was great, in perfect condition, and the application process was super fast and easy. Thank you Michael, Adam and Beth for giving us a wonderful experience!
Posted By: MortonStTenant Rating:
About as good as any NYC owner can be. I was a tenant for 3 years and had present dealings with the office (which is a real family business) and the super. I just wish they had online rent payment...
Posted By: Mary Rating:
Not only was the application process user friendly (same day decision, next day lease signing), but the entire tenancy has been that way (3 years and counting). Since their buildings are OWNER MANAGED, they take really good care of them, a far cry from my last few buildings. The only downside is there is no elevator or laundry here and I am on the 5th floor, but that is reflected in the price I guess. I was hesitant for a 5th floor walkup, but I enjoy the views and quiet.
Posted By: MG Rating:
Real pictures and video of the actual apartment, direct contact with the Vickers from the first email asking about the apartment, no fee, and they actually treat me like a person. I just wish NYC real estate was less expensive, but that is a whole other story...
Posted By: Annon Rating:
I got a no-fee apartment directly from Vickers Realty (via their website) a little over two years ago. I have rented in NYC for almost 10 years, and have never had such an easy experience. Both the office staff and the super have been great, and they have been very fair with renewals.