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Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Just getting out of an 8 year lease with them on the UES. The building itself was well-maintained and super very responsive. HOWEVER, they have no respect for their tenants and nickle and dime you for everything you're worth ($20 for a working carbon monoxide detector, $40 for window guards, both of which are their legal obligation to install). Naveena Mohammed is sly and underhanded, straight up lies about anything you try to talk to her about, pretends to be so nice and accommodating only to screw you over later. Be warned. I was a great tenant, followed all building rules, paid my rent on time for 96 months, was never anything but honest and transparent with them (to my detriment) and it doesn't matter. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM.
Posted By: Chris Thomasel Rating:
Oh, isn't this nice. What is this, bash Naveena day? Have known her to always be very nice. -I have more than a strong feeling that these horrible reviews were written by the same disgruntled person. I have been in a Ventura building in Flushing for over 20 years and as long as you do what you are supposed to, as in simply follow the rules, you should not have any problems. And there are rules. That's what keeps a property desirable. As far as design and maintenance, this building rocks. The landscaping outside is exceptional and we have always had heat. Truthfully, too much heat! We have to keep the windows open even in the winter. Problems, problems.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
greedy slum lord
Posted By: Doug Rating:
Very unprofessional. Stay away if you can
Posted By: FUVentura Rating:
these peeps and Naveena Mohammed is the worst , rudest ignorant person. DO not rent from them . Yes, some peeple based on ethnicity may have good time hear but those five star reviews are obtained u no how.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Newly renovated apartment was very clean. Super is responsive.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
I rented from Chelsea Ventura and it was a pleasant experience. I had a family emergency and had to break my lease. Naveena Mohammed sent me an agreement and even though it was not what I wanted to do, it was the only sensible thing to do at the time since I had about 10 more months left on my lease. Naveena was straight forward the whole time and i only ended up losing my deposit, which was what i expected anyway.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Wish I had read this site before renting. Moved into a very nice building of theirs in Chelsea and signed a two year lease. A year and a half in I needed to move early and we reached out 4 months before moving. Naveena sent us a typical agreement and we discussed a few things in terms of cost of repainting (which they make you pay for as a penalty for breaking lease). After speaking with her a bit and her reassurance that this wouldn't be a big issue we formally gave notice to move out in 3 months. Got an email from them saying they had received our email and would be back in touch soon. Fast forward two months and multiple emails/phone calls and now all of the sudden "they don't want us breaking the lease" and for some reason are having difficulty offering us the previous agreement they had sent. Naveena mentions that she shouldn't have sent the agreement and her bosses are mad at her for doing that so now they don't want to grant us this privilege of breaking the lease. With a month to go they offer us the agreement and it rents in a few days. We thought that was excellent news but we were sadly mistaken. Benny (the super) is supposed to inspect the place and determine the cost to put it back to a rentable level for the next guy. He comes up with an estimate double what other companies estimated for us. Didn't even look like his signature on the invoice. Anyway Naveena and co threaten to hold up the other lease signing unless we agree to the extortion fee that Benny has set forward. We consent under this pressure and figure we are now rid of them. Turns out we are not. After moving out we get another email referencing "extra charges" that somehow were not foreseen when Benny did his initial estimate (presumably because he never did an actual estimate and instead colluded with Ventura to extract maximum dollars from us). After multiple emails back and forth Naveena knocks 100 bucks off the extra charges and delays another two weeks to send our security back. So a few grand later and many stressful evenings later we got out of lease that was supposedly not going to be an issue to exit. Classic extortionist strategy from them and would love to prosecute them in some way but before this I figure might as well warn others.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
I don't know where all of these terrible reviews come from.. I have never had a problem with these people. As long as you pay your rent on time and don't break the rules stated in your lease, they are perfectly pleasant to deal with. the building i live in is beautiful and all of my appliances were newly installed when I moved in. Whenever I have an issue that needs to be fixed, they take care of it.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Naveena Mohammed is the RUDEST person. Absolutely hated interacting with her. Every interaction with her was unpleasant.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Sometimes you have to take what people say with a gran of salt. I've lived in a Ventura building for over 12 years and have never had an issue. Our building is one of the nicest looking on the block in fact. You can tell they put money back into their properties. I also suspect some of these reviews are from people who don't get what they want. One of our neighbors told us he wanted to break his lease because of a new girlfriend, I told him you can't really blame the landlord for saying no. What's fair is fair.
Posted By: fed up Rating:
I wish I had a zero option. BEWARE. do not rent from these people. They literally rob you blind. They take you to court when ever they want to because of course you are forking up their legal fees. Yes, I have been late with my rent but rent is paid not unpaid. Late fees are $500 a pop.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
The worst company I ever had to deal with. Naveena Mohammed is the most rude, unhelpful person ever. They charge you for unnecessary things which are not even stated in the lease and make your life a living hell. You should stay away from Ventura Land Corp and Naveena Mohammed. I have never had such an awful experience. They keep issuing new NOTICES and do not even reply on time.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Don't expect anything good to come from them. Trust all the other reviews.
Posted By: Hard at work Rating:
Joe & co. Are the rudest low scum of landlords around. They use bully tactics to strong arm you into bullshit hidden rules and are the worse at up keeping their properties. Stay away unless you have endless funds to fight these scumlords.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Been living at the 13919 Flushing location for 7 years. Ventura is the most unprofessional people I have ever come across. They lie and wont help you in any way. Rude fucking people.
Posted By: krock Rating:
Worst rental experience of my life. The throw bullshit rules at you that are not stated in your lease. Super is inefficient and can not speak English (for 654 west 161st). The lie about "situations" that come up in the building, always do your research and make sure what they are telling you is true. Refuse to fix excess water damage from leaks. Endless mold problems. Multiple fire code violations. Pest infestation, including mice and roaches. Does not upkeep the building; VERY DIRTY. If you are considering renting from ventura land corp DO NOT DO IT!
Posted By: We The People Rating:
I'd rate them worse if I could. Stay away from this landlord and Joseph Sbiroli. They hide behind several entities that end in Ventura. Chelsea Ventura, Wadsworth Ventura, etc. Lot's of illegal and immoral activities done by them. Mold probelms, Firewall protection illegally removed and a lot more.