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Posted By: Jack Berington Rating:
Hey that last review was just a test.. Anybody can write anything here! I like unicorns! Please buy me some meatloaf.
Posted By: DL Rating:
NO HEAT DURING WINTER. YOU WILL FREEZE. This is a good company in some aspects. The apartments are well-kept and supers are responsive. HOWEVER NO HEAT DURING THE WINTER. YOU WILL FREEZE. The heat is put on 2-3 times per day only for about 5-10 mins. For example: heat is switched on at 6 am for 10 minutes, no heat until about 2 pm for 10 mins, then no heat until 8 pm for 10-15 mins. NO HEAT THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT. Winter 2013 there has not even been one night that we have had heat from midnight to 6am, I moved into their 1454 Walton apartment and I am freezing every day and night. I have complained to management and they say that is just the policy of their company. The rooms are so cold it is hard to move around your apartment. When renting the agent assured me the heat is switched on in the winter and it will even get too hot. Just lies to get your money. Never experienced that. One tenant just had a new baby. Imagine keeping a baby warm in a frigid apartment. It doesn't matter if its 23 degrees outside 10 degrees still no heat at night. I am spending so much money on space heater. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED. I reported them to 311 but 311 doesn't show up at night and they know that and take advantage of that. If you are a person with a vulnerable immune system (sick, child, fragile, old) DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. YOU WILL FREEZE AND THEY DONT CARE. JUST GETTING YOUR RENT IS THEIR ONLY CONCERN. BEWARE!!! I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME!!
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
The apartments are very nice, spacious and have beautiful windows and hardwood floors. The cons it is always cold in the apartments, no heat control. The tenants smoke in the staircase and aren't very friendly (if you know what i mean ). Roaches behind the cabinets and on occasion there is a rat or two, but there is an exterminator that comes monthly . The management company leaves you alone completely and there is an on site super