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Stellar Management is a mega corporation who is notorious for illegal activity, such harassing tentants after new acquisitions of buildings . They have full time attorney's on staff who's only job it is to get tenants relinquish their apartments, so that they can then quadruple the already high very rents. They will stop at nothing to get what they want, including sending fake (not filed properly) eviction notices to tenants, calling tenants to court for reasons that don't exist, adding all manner of fees (illegally) to monthly rents, and so on, and so on. They often break apart apartments "renovating" them without city approvals; they are constantly being written up in the NY Times for their many illegal activities. They do not care about the tenants and therefore are extremely difficult to deal with. Repairs, even serious ones, never get done, unless the department of housing is called in. They file claims with the dep't of Housing for extensive building facade repairs, when none have been done, in order to increase the rent of all tenants in the building (MCI). Since they are a huge billion dollar company, it is very difficult to go against them. They know this. Anyone who has ever dealt with them cold write a book about the negligence of this corporation. I strongly advise everyone never to rent from them.