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Posted By: yanks 22 Rating:
Worst landlord in NYC. I was robbed by staff and they could care less. They do not respond to complaints ever. Avoid at all costs.
Posted By: Peter b Rating:
The worst landlord in NY. My apartment was robbed by staff. I had bed bugs and they could care less.. Avoid at all costs
Posted By: Gummyvites Rating:
Adam Hakimian could not care less about your experience. All they want is your money! Won't return emails or calls or help you in any way if stuff is broken or infested.
Posted By: PeteSmith83 Rating:
Rats and Cockroaches everywhere! Don't believe the fancy renovations - if you look closely, the floors are already cracking in the lobby and elevator and they're only a year old!
Posted By: RWC87 Rating:
I lived at the 184 Lexington property for about one year. Super was a joke - he couldn't fix worth a damn. Doormen were purely for show. Apartments were falling apart and infested. I believe only 12 apartments (out of over 300, mind you) renewed their leases. Yes, NY apartment hunting sucks, but, you can do so much better.
Posted By: eli4prez Rating:
have had my security deposit for 6 months!! don't pick up phones and make up excuses when I arrive unexpectedly at their office. wtf!
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Been renting in NYC for 12+ years, by far the worst landlord I've experienced. Avoid at all costs.
Posted By: insuReNt Rating:
pls don't give them anymore moneys. don't deserve it
Posted By: Rita Martinez Rating:
F------ Can we say disaster? You go though a lengthy interview process when you apply for an apartment under the pretense that they're a high caliber management company. Pretty quickly soon after, you realize they're just scum. Nothing gets repaired. Phones go unaswered. Everything breaks. And kiss that sweet security deposit of yours goodbye. Welcome to Hakimian Properties
Posted By: c0k3z3r0 Rating:
there are MUCH BETTER apartments and management companies in the city. AVOIDD!!!
Posted By: JoeHakimian Rating:
Properties might be cheap, but they're terribly maintained and literally falling apart. Elevators never work, doormen are incompetent, mold everywhereeeeee. Definitely don't rent from them.
Posted By: yankz21 Rating:
There's bad landlords, worse landlords, then there's Hakimian. If you've already signed your lease, good luck.
Posted By: Banking4Life Rating:
Should have known something was wrong when seemingly prime located unit was priced under market value. Buildings are not properly (or even safely) maintained. Landlord and manager are impossible to get a hold of. Good luck geting a landlord reference letter or your security deposit.
Posted By: neverAGAIN Rating:
Make 0 effort to help you with any of your issues. Only care about your money. Rampant rat problem in 184 Lexington, but too cheap to have exterminator come more than once a month.
Posted By: CAH Rating:
Terrible company, impossible to get a hold of, building's are old and repairs are slow. Rampant pest problems too - avoid!
Posted By: TanMan Rating:
Pros: Inexpensive, no hassles with slightly late rent checks, never any issues with noise complaints (probably due to the youth of the tenants) Cons: Very slow to perform routine maintenance (one of two elevators was out for months), heating and A/C can be spotty and repair work is often a bubble-gum-and-duct-tape kind of job
Posted By: Murray Hill Rating:
They were one of the only places in murray hill that had a converted 2 bedroom for below 3000 and had a doorman. It was worth it. Small living space but good sized bedrooms.
Posted By: HowToRentInNYC Rating:
Follow their instructions on the website to find out the password to gain access to new listings. They tend to chop of their units to make room for more bedrooms but their is still a small living space leftover. Good units, great locations, decent prices. East to work with management company.