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Posted By: Jane Rating:
Management and the Superintendent are morons. Can't draft leases correctly, or answer simple questions. Only one of the doormen speaks coherent English. The Superintendent does not live in the building, despite what is advertised and there are so many dogs in the building, you should just go live in "Biscuits & Bath"
Posted By: Andy Rating:
I haven't used this system, but it is the same as "The Affordable Equity Project." I emailed them, and this was the following email trail. ++++++++++++++++ Dear Sir or Madame: I would like to know how to chose the tenant for the apartments. I would imagine you would receive many applications for each apartment. Also, on average, how many application do you receive per apartment rental. Also, is there a waiting list for any of your apartments/buildings listed. Kind regards, XXXX ++++++++++++++++ John Henderson To Whom It May Concern: Well, we do not keep statical data on how many application we receive, but we generally look at your rental history during the pre-qualification process. so as long as you have a history of being a responsible tenant, then you should have no problem getting pre-qualified. Also once you submit your application into us, you will receive an Application ID Number, that can be applied to any other rental that we may offer later on if need be. And once you submit your application into us we will have you on file and we will do our very best to hopefully, eventually place you into an affordable rental unit. So, there is still time to apply, so we urge you to submit your application as soon as you can,so that we can help you secure affordable housing for yourself and your family. I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, then feel free to e-mail us back. Thanks The Affordable Equity Project