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Posted By: noDepositBack Rating:
The worst scum on earth!! do not rent from them!
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Some of the slimiest people on the planet.
Posted By: P.O'd Resident Rating:
Brand new gorgeous renovated apartment... lipstick on a pig! There's been water dripping from my ceiling, through LIGHT fixtures, for over 11months. They've scheduled to come by to "fix" it 6 times, 3 no-shows where I missed work, and 3 times pure incompetence. They're doing illegal work in the building with no permits and it's so loud you can't hear yourself think. The property manager could not have passed the 3rd grade. I'm all for giving someone a chance however, if you're going to attempt to tell me that you have the legal right to be making noise during the renovations per the permits from DOB, make sure you OBTAINED the permits you just referred to. If you wanted heat or hot water in the morning for your shower or in the winter when the temperature is in the 30's-40's, don't rent these apartments.... They will appear to be beautiful and new and high-end... most of the units should STILL be rent stabilized! He's being investigated by the NY Attorney General currently for allegedly (I have done the research and he's guilty) illegally destabilizing rent stabilized apartments. I wouldn't want my worst enemy to live in a building owned by Croman and managed by 9300... don't you have enough battles to fight just by being a New Yorker?
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
I live in a 9300 building, and have been told that my fire escape is NOT TO BE USED, but rather to jump across a chasm (5 floor penalty for failure) to the next building in case of a fire. In the case that building is on fire too, await further instructions.
Posted By: anon Rating:
A Word of Warning to anyone considering renting from Croman Real Estate or 9300 Realty, once you sign the lease you are doomed. You'll suffer with entire winters of no heat and no hot water, no supers living on the premises, bedbugs, roaches, mice, never getting reapirs done, appliances break down and are not replaced, leases not renewed, especially if you're a market rate tenant who makes a complaint to a city agency about not having heat or hot water, the Cromans tell tenants they are not renewing your lease and give no reason why. Their have buildings outwardly look attractive by some standards but they are so cheaply renovated. Sheetrock walls are made to look like wainscoting and the home decorating stores look. Once you live inside there are bedbug infestations that the Cromans do not inform the other tenants in the building about, roaches and vermin, overloaded apartments with too many tenants living in them because they can't afford the inflated rents. Then there's the loud, wild parties that accompanies this. Following that is the constant turnover of tenants because no one stays because they are treated like trash by the landlords, Steve & Harriet Croman and their Harriet Croman clone property managers, parading around with clipboards under ther arms and all talking the same lingo by hitting tenants up with the usual low buy-out offers harassment. (They make hefty commissions on any brokered buy-outs) There's the daily problems of chronic water leaks, the lack of basic required, services, toxic dust entering your home from renovations to other apartments and the cronic construction noise. If you ever need a repair or super no one all your calls go to voicemail, no one ever calls you back. Repairs are never done...why..because they want you out...let the tenants leave so that we can keep their security deposit and get a vacancy increase. It goes on and on. This is truly a criminal enterprise and these people are truly evil.
Posted By: anon Rating:
The landlords from hell! Steve and Harriet Croman deserve less than a minus zero rating. Absolute criminals that run a criminal enterprise. Steve and Harriet Croman live at 238 East 67th street, NY. They are moving to 12-14 East 72nd street in March 2013. Their home # is (212) 744-1764 and Steve Croman's cell# is (917) 673-6007. Harriet Croman's cell# is (917) 405-3076. They also own a house at 15 & 15A Honey Hollow Lane, Pound Ridge, NY 10567 Also one in SouthHampton, NY. If they don't return your security deposit back file a complaint with the NYS Attorney General's Office. Many others have done so before you. Entities: Croman Real Estate , Croman Realty, 9300 Realty, and M & E 336-348 East 18th Street., LLC 632 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, New York 10012, (212) 228-9300 Landlords: Steve and Harriet Croman (a.k.a. Harriet Kahan, Harriet Kahan Croman,) The Cromans NYC Home: 238 E. 67th St. NYC NY (212) 744-1764 & The Cromans Westchester Home: 15 & 15A Honey Hollow Road, Pound Ridge, NY 10576 (914) 234-0264 & (914) 234-3586 Steve Croman cell# (917) 673-6007 & Harriet Croman cell# (917) 405-3076
Posted By: Jason Rating:
Does any happen to have his cell number? I have not been able to get in contact with him in the last 3 weeks. It's urgent and would be greatly appreciated
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
all of you with security deposit or hard ship to get your money back call 1800 ask dhcr nys housing they can help you or advise you what to do free.
Posted By: 7cexac Rating:
steven croman is a thief, from square footage of her apartment, to agent's commission, security deposits, rents, etc....he stills money from everyone, he owns 150 buildings and I wonder why such pig person is blessed with so much wealth....he has no mercy even the most defend less people, if he can he rob all.
Posted By: tom Rating:
small apartment, too expensive , literally rip-off, no service, high rents, dirty holes.....DO NOT RENT, BEWARE OF PIGS....
Posted By: AHqOWUvhysNtlIRP Rating:
If you want to get read, this is how you shluod write.
Posted By: Sarah Wang Rating:
DO NOT RENT HERE!!! THEY OWE ME MY SECURITY DEPOSIT AND REFUSE TO PAY IT BACK!!! (they say they just haven't had time to mail it out, but they've been saying that for NINE MONTHS) THEY WILL NOT RETURN YOUR MONEY, CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!! AVOID!!!
Posted By: chris kocis Rating:
Very small, expensive apartment. IMPOSSIBLE to talk to a live person about concerns over the fact that our lease ended in August and we have yet to see our $4000.00 security others comments seems to be a trend with this company...BEWARE..
Posted By: steve Rating:
i would have rated croman realy/9300realty a zero if the drop-down menu had that option. the building had bugs, rats and the occasional crackhead. i moved out september 1 and have yet to receive my security deposit back (today is Dec 20th). i have literally called their office hundreds of times and they do not have the decency to reply.
Posted By: Allison Rating:
I have lived here for a while in a three bedroom. It is ok.. super small and I know there are better prices out there.. unfort i foundo ut too late.. avoid if you can.
Posted By: HowToRentInNYC Rating:
Croman is a no-fee company, they prefer for you to come get the keys from them. The prices are fair but most of their units are quite small. Decent renovations. Great locations, but again high prices for small units.