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Landlord / Property Manager: Bill Lika

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  • Buildings In: Manhattan, Brooklyn
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Reviews of Bill Lika

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Posted By: Mellisa Rating:
Kevin k must be insane and delusional, totally false !!!
Posted By: Kevin K Rating:
A cartoon villain. He also hit on my boyfriend.
Posted By: Pete A Rating:
Bill models himself on Donald Trump, albeit with even less success and sanity.
Posted By: MAD Rating:
All of these 5 star ratings are most likely paid by him.
Posted By: Jon Rating:
Bill takes care of all repairs as soon as tenants notify him; he never harrases for late rent either, so not sure what all the complaints are about.
Posted By: Pete Rating:
That mess in the toilet after a bad Mexican dinner? Bill is the human equivalent. Terrible landlord, something's wrong with him.
Posted By: Steve D Rating:
Bill is very professional , fair , and allows tenants to pay within 15 days .. No other landlords are any better .
Posted By: Sam Rating:
Bill is scum. The worst landlord I ever had, so glad that d-bag is out of my life and not stealing my money. I know you read this Bill, you low class new money clown.
Posted By: James Rating:
Bills a great guy and 99% of all his tenants , which he's had 100k plus would agree .... Don't believe all the fake news
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
No heat - rude, pushy - associates with scammers and thugs - a real charmer, that's for sure
Posted By: Will Rating:
Bill was the worst landlord I ever had. Scarier, he's Albanian mafia, and those dudes don't screw around. Better to have Trump's son-in-law collecting your rent. Jared may try to run you out to boost the rent but at least he'll fix things and not sexually harass your lady like Bill did to me. Bill Like is a turd burglar.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
His baby momma has been charged with welfare fraud! His common law wife n him live in a 2.5 million $ home n they are scamming welfare low lifes!
Posted By: tenant Rating:
The front door to our building had been broken since I moved in one year ago. It takes him days to get anyone in to fix things in the apartment, and we've had to threaten to sue him just to get the ceilings fixed. The heat didn't come on until 10AM in the winter, and sometimes not at all during the night. worst apartment and worst landlord.
Posted By: Captain Albania Rating:
Recently moved out of his building at 95 N 7th. What a horror show. Heat and hot water disappeared regularly, and some how Lika was playing games with the utilities and getting tenants to pay for stuff they weren't using. He's been sued over that at other buildings. He rents to a lot of rough characters too, so if you need an in-house drug dealer, you're in luck. We had some guys build a huge ping pong table and have massive parties in the courtyard every night. Then another guy moved in and started having trash bonfires in the backyard which kept the party going into winter. Fire department was out a few times too. Surprised they didn't catch the building on fire but give them time. Bill doesn't care, slumlord that he is. Avoid!!!!
Posted By: tenant Rating:
what is so hard to understand? the people complaining are losers. Bill Lika is a great landlord. grow a pair and talk to your landlord about the apartments problems in a sophisticated manner. if you are dissatisfied you are a loser. best landlord in brooklyn.
Posted By: Hasime Rating:
The truly amazing thing here is that real tenants continue to post their horror stories about Bill and he comes back and writes in a semi literate fashion about how awesome he is, while pretending to be someone else. We see through you buddy! Bill Lika is a slumlord first last and always. Just Google the man's name. You'll read amazing things most particularly about the welfare fraud case of his wife. I'm not sure whether she's in jail yet but she probably will be going there. One wonders if the same fate awaits Bill given his shady dealings. There are lots of landlords in Williamsburg. Choose one of them and not Bill. I wonder if he's still got the Maybach and Rolls?
Posted By: Dj mike Rating:
Bills the man in Williamsburg, he's the first investor and very honorable ,to me he's been great... After deal with thousands of loser drug addict tenants I'm not surprised he's being bullied online... He's s great guy!!!!
Posted By: Jessy Rating:
Compared to other landlords ive had Bill's the best
Posted By: Eliza Rating:
I lived on 68 Jackson St (one of Bill's buildings) and I'm telling you to RUN instead of getting a place in any of his buildings. It was winter and we had NO HEAT and NO HOT WATER! I called the city every day, they came to check it and supposedly Bill got a fine, but I'm sure he bribed people and didn't end up paying it. Run as fast as you can when you hear his name as the landlord!
Posted By: Brooklyn Tenant Rating:
Bill Lika is a scumbag. illegal renovations. 6 months with a broken front door of the building. heat is always broken . threatens & harassed his tenants
Posted By: Dana Rating:
Dont believe any of the negative stuff posted by disgrunted people, hes a great landlord...99.99% of his tenants are satisfyed
Posted By: Missy Rating:
I'm not a lowlife. I'm a young professional with only the money i earn, no trust funds or parents paying my way. And all I wanted was a safe place in a good neighborhood. I thought I was getting that. What I ended up with was a big leak and a huge mold problem. All of my belongings were totally ruined. Including some family photos which were dear to me. Huge patches of black mold appeared around the perimeter of the room the next day. The place was uninhabitable. When I asked Bill for my security deposit back, he texted me "fuck you." Obviously he is a terrible landlord and a terrible person for having no empathy whatsoever. I literally had nothing when I moved here and had to start from scratch again when this happened. Thankfully I had renters insurance, otherwise I would have had to figure something out because I didn't know many people here at the time. Bill of course had no solutions for me. His plumber had caused this problem when trying to fix the plumbing in the building. The smell of mold is something I will never forget. Bill is a pathetic and miserable person, but I wish him well. Good luck avoiding jail buddy.
Posted By: Hasime Rating:
Bill is straight up dangerous and most likely a member of some flavor of Eastern European mafia. His wife is about to go to jail for massive welfare fraud--well documented in many newspapers--despite the family's conspicuous wealth. Bill buys buildings for cash, lives in a mortgage free Staten Island mansion, and drives tacky white Maybachs, plus the odd Rolls. Meanwhile, his buildings are in advance stages of disrepair. His only tenants are trust fund babies under the age of 30 who are slumming it for a bit. He also appears to host a number of drug dealers as tenants, if that's your sort of thing. Bill is the ultimate bad neighbor, and he is as sketchy as they come. The rumor is he even posed for Playgirl. If you only knew how many times he's been sued you'd be shockeed. I'm sure you'll rent from him because the price is right, but once you do, get ready for a genuine New York experience. Okay Bill, your turn: Will you adopt the persona of an semiliterate girl to say how great a guy you are? I challenge you to write a single post in proper English.
Posted By: steve,,,tenant Rating:
best landlord in willimabsurg,,, anyone complaining is jelous
Posted By: Cherry Pie Rating:
Too funny. Bill's wife, Hasime, has just been indicted in a massive welfare fraud case. The story is everywhere, Daily News, NY Post. It's a big deal, and there's very little chance she will escape jail. One wonders what's next for Williamsburg's favorite slumlord, Bill Lika. You can only imagine federal investigators are digging into his shady affairs. These folks drive Rolls Royces and still try to grift the government for relatively small sums compared to their total net worth. Sketchy Albanian mafia, these guys. Watch out and keep this in mind when you rent from them.
Posted By: Grandpa Lika Rating:
Bill makes it possible to live in a safe, expensive neighborhood like williamsburg by charging cheap rents. Are there problems with the apt.? Yes. Ive had rats, which he took care of when I notified him. Ive had leaks, which he also took care of. The other problems I can live with and I dont complain about because I am living in North Williamsburg for half the price of any other building that all these bankers, millionaires and trust fund babies live in. It beats living in bushwick or bedstuy. The truth is if you can pay your rent on time and properly talk to Bill (not bitch and complain), he is actually a really great landlord. Be grateful that you live near the bedford stop and find a way to communicate with this guy in a proper manner. I have no thoughts of moving anytime soon. Like Bill lika is lika the man.
Posted By: AnonyMouse Rating:
No fire escape Leaking ceilings Is this guy for real?
Posted By: Bill's mom Rating:
Do not rent from Bill Lika at 95 North 7th Street unless you want to live in animal house. Some of the tenants have converted the courtyard into a full scale party space and hold raging parties night after night, deep into the night. Plus, the front door to the building is open, so occasionally local gang bangers set up shop to party too, which is scary. Bill does nothing to stop it, doesn't even care as he does his illegal renovations despite multiple stop work orders. Bill is the ultimate in absentee slum lord. Avoid at all costs.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Bill has been my landlord for years and has done no repairs. We do not have a fire alarm, our pipes are rusted, there is a giant hole in the living room window that's been there since we moved in, and the front door does not lock. He repeatedly comes over unannounced and harasses the female tenants. He raises the rent without 30 day written notice, despite the bedrooms not having windows which means this is not a legal housing complex. I am currently saving money to leave the apartment, and I can not wait to leave Bill Lika behind. Anyone who rates more than 1 star is obviously a friend, or someone he paid off. Really read their comments and count the misspellings and curse words, these are not honest people. Do not rent from this man.
Posted By: Yakov Rating:
Bill rocks!!! I was a convicted sex offender and having hard times. Bill gave me a place even though I wasn't able to get good credit check because of jail and unpaid lawyer fees. He gave me a new lease on life and its true no late fees. Sometimes he evens gives free months to this he likes. I think he likes bad boys who are trying with Jesus help to turn into heros of Christ. All of his tenants love the hell out of the big man with a big heart!!!! Bill, I love you!!!!! Thanks you so much
Posted By: Sarah driggs av Rating:
Renting from Bill Lika has been a great joy..He's very fair with the rent and doesnt charge any late fee's....
Posted By: julia n 7 Rating:
Bill a great landlord.. i never had any issues with him..Thia must be the same person posting all of this nonsense
Posted By: Mrs. Lika Rating:
Everything you need to know about Bill can be summed up by 114 N7th st. Occupied without a CofO. Tens of thousands of dollars in DoB fines. And yet he goes merrily on his way. How the city fails to hold him to account is one of life's great mysteries.
Posted By: FKUBLLKA Rating:
Bill Lika is the biggest scum I have ever met in my entire life. Since moving in I have at least 4 friends who have apartment buildings that he deals with. Everyone has had terrible experiences with him, SOLELY VIA TEXT MESSAGES. He will counteract any claim you put into local government by raising your rent, and will never respond to your complaints about your buildings' deficiencies. It's been said that he has connections in government that keep him from being completely disowned, which has to be true considering the number of complaints filed against him and the fact that he is still all of our terrible landlord. I intent to ruin him as soon as possible, its a shame its taken as long as it has to even raise awareness to his awful, selfish, and asinine behavior. Truly its unbelievable that he can continue on this way and must only be due to some sort of connection in government. Remember remember the 9th of March.
Posted By: playgurl Rating:
Bill: You know we're all laughing at you, right? The vulgar cars, the funny hair cuts, the lack of a clue. The borderline illiteracy. The wounded intensity you bring to every interaction. We know you overcharge for rent stabilized apartments, and we know the lawsuits will put you out of business. It'll take a while, but it will happen. What goes around comes around.
Posted By: mike Rating:
you are all low life, drug addict, hatefull lowelifes...Bill Lika is a winner and hes a regualr donor to st judes childrens cancer center...check that up
Posted By: jane ..driggs av Rating:
great landlord with fair rents
Posted By: Former tenant Rating:
Clearly bill is writing the five star posts. I can just hear his stupid voice. Terrrible, mean, low-life, tiny penised, loser who probably inherited the dumps that turned to gold when williambug got cool. Every neg comment is tru. I bet hes a racist homophobe too. Hi bill! Hope some bad karma cimes your way real soon! Wish i had moved out a lot sooner ;)
Posted By: Bill Lika Rating:
Hi, it's Bill Lika. I'm sorry to say it's true, I've been naughty. You see, I've had it tough in my life and well, what it takes to make it in Brooklyn real estate is tough. You have to deal with some bad people, and in the process, you can become one too. That's what happened to me. I don't pull permits for my work because that means I'd be inspected. It's cheaper just to pay fines than do things the right way. Yes, I know how to trick tenants into paying too much for a place, but hey, that's their problem, right? I don't know if I can change, but guys, I know I've put you through some tough times. I know I have a nasty tongue, and I know that I drive some silly cars. It's a new year, so let's see what that brings. I love you guys.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Posted By: samuel c Rating:
bill lika is the best williamsburg landlord,,,,,and he only rents apartment ,just because tenants dont want to open eletric / gas accounts , dont blame him when ur services get shut off for non payment...
Posted By: PJ Rating:
Bill Lika is not only insane, he's possibly criminal. A utility company has contacted me about their investigation into his telling tenants that their rents are going up because he's going to include utils in the rent. Then he opens up accounts with different util companies either using phony information, or else the info of his old tenants. Then he simply doesn't pay the utilities, and takes in the extra cash coming in for rent. Not only that, but I hear him screaming at one of the girls who lives in my building. She's been here for years and when I asked what happened, she said "He does that any time we ask him a question about anything. You have to not take it personally." I have no doubt he justifies his behavior to himself for various reasons, but mostly I just feel sorry for him, and anyone unlucky enough to rent from him. He's obviously unwell.
Posted By: Heather Rating:
WOW - BILL must've had some lowlife tenants who had no money to pay their rent, but wanted to live like the rich for free; probably some brats who were pampered at home and still need their diapers changed. Bill takes care of his buildings and his tenants, but he does not tolerate lowlife tenants either - so if he was rude, there was a reason for it. Otherwise, he is a decent landlord so grow up and get a life you Bums!!!
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
He is the biggest asshhole of all time.
Posted By: LH Rating:
The building in which I lived was not maintained at all. We had flooding issues that were never handled. Bill was also very rude whenever we reported problems.
Posted By: Susan Rating:
This guy is a total asshole - Avoid at all costs. Not only is he terrible to deal with, in a foul mood more of the time then not, but he's terrible to his friends. He often screams at people who moments ago he'd been nice to, and then switches back as if nothing had happened. Most of his friends (who he brings with him while inviting himself over uninvited) are either morons, or remind you of a slug. Broken house, broken appliances, bugs, mice, nothing works. AVOID
Posted By: Tony Rating:
Look at the 2 messages above! Bill Lika googled himself. Well guess what Bill, there is a reason you've been nominated multiple times to New York City's top 20 worst slumlords, because you are one. I should know, I gave you thousands for years of living in that dump of a building 174 Roebling. Pay your back taxes, someone might just take your building over.
Posted By: Joann Rating:
You all sound like a bunch of miserable donkeys. Out of work, no money to pay rent, looking to blame those that actually work for a living! Leave Bill alone and if you hate him so much then find a better landlord - you sc.....bags!
Posted By: Susan Rating:
you people or so stupid! stop the nonsense and get a life! why are you picking on the innocent because obviously you have no life! People like you haters are like rodents. Leave Bil alone he happends to be the nicest guy, if you know how to speak properly. (you bunch of morons!)
Posted By: Tony Rating:
I can't believe I paid rent all those years to Bill Lika in that dump of a building. If I knew then that he couldn't even charge rent without a certificate of occupancy I never would have paid him a dime.
Posted By: Angry Tennant Rating:
Leaks all the time and is never fixed. Heat sometimes works! Repairs seldoms made and Bill can never be found.
Posted By: john stevens Rating:
wow, bill lika must of really pissed someone off. whoever it is is not telling the truth, actually bills a fair guy if ur kool with him hes kool with u..cia
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
There are mice and bugs. Hot water available 3-5 days per week, even in winter. Heat not available on many winter nights. Ceilings leak once a month. Locks often broken on front door. Poor building, great location.