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Posted By: noname Rating:
Posted By: Amy Rating:
Great management, clean building, got my full security deposit back soon after I moved out. Would def. rent from Big Apple again!
Posted By: Manny Rating:
STOP! DONT RENT! from this landlord. Worst landlords in the city. They always on the look out to steal your money for really crappy apartments infested with bugs, scarce hot water when available and poor cleaning conditions. After 3 year leasing with them they really are just setting you up to take all you security deposit. 10K almost stolen!! I was in 185 apt 1G and it was broken into twice (Reported into 7th precinct). Currently working with district attorneys and my personal council to file formal lawsuit. BEWARE...
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
The worst property management company to ever exist. They pretty much never fix anything and when they try to do a 'quick fix' you are stuck with an elevator that is out of service for 3-5 days once a month, a washer/dryer also out of service once a month, mice on the first floor and all kinds of issues. DO NOT sign with them.
Posted By: Disgruntled Rating:
When choosing between dealing with Big Apple again, and starring in a donkey bukkake video...I'd ask for more donkeys.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Lived in one of their apartments for 3 years. They have never fixed what they said the would when we first moved in. They somehow screwed up the mailbox in the lobby such that no one in the building got mail for the first month. In general, they are uncooperative and difficult to deal with.
Posted By: James Rating:
Great experience w/this mgmt. co. Super keeps bldg. clean & mgmt. office is very responsive to any requests. They recently upgraded bldg. hallways and security system. A++
Posted By: christina Rating:
the apartment itself isn't bad, but otherwise, big apple is horrendous. we had NO HEAT for the months of jan and feb, and when i called to have it fixed, they refused to put in a bigger radiator (one radiator for the WHOLE apartment); i was spoken to rudely and hung up on. when i called and spoke to someone else, they never called back...spring just came, and heat wasn't necessary. lease up in july, thank god.
Posted By: Amy Rating:
Beautiful apartment, great super and building service.
Posted By: Danny Rating:
My building is always clean. Excellent customer service - the office always answers and is always courteous. When I viewed my apartment it was as advertised. I am glad to be renting from Big Apple Management!
Posted By: asdfasd Rating:
Their apartments are run down and TINY