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Posted By: B&L Management Rating:
We just wanted to address some of the reviews posted here in order to clear up some of the issues brought up. With regard to the odor after Hurricane Sandy, you had to be referring to 203 East 74th Street. The reason it took months to fix was because the source was not from our building. We ran testing with our plumbers, who confirmed that it was an outside source. DEP was immediately called in afterward, and it took them approximately six months to locate the source. It was coming from a building down the block through the city sewer line. I have an entire file to back this up if need be. We were in fact allowing people to break their lease during this period. Residents were updated constantly on the goings on with DEP. As far as someone coming in and being threatened, I assure you that this never would have happened. Regardless though, we apologize for any inconvenience anyone has ever experienced with our leasing company, and if anyone has any complains, feel free to contact your landlord or contact us directly at 212-906-2800.
Posted By: Ben Dover Rating:
The people in the leasing office are obnoxious and think that they can do whatever they please. I experienced discrimination that will be referred to the Human Rights Commission and the Attorney General's office.
Posted By: sevenyears Rating:
Some of their apartments are pretty decent properties, but the owners and everyone in leasing are truly horrible people. Hurricane Sandy damaged our building, causing harmful fumes to penetrate our elevator and apartments. B&L wouldn't fix this until the health department came in and said that they weren't allowed to rent the apartments until fixed. 6 months passed, despite the health department's warnings, before this was fixed. When tenants found out about health risks, many of us tried to move out, but they threatened their tenants. When I personally went it, I was physically and verbally threatened, and was told that their office would said I was "crazy" if I called the police. They didn't know until it was too late, but I had already called someone and had them on speakerphone who heard the entire conversation. Long story short, I was let out of my lease in return for not pressing charges or going to court, but they still had the audacity to try to not refund my deposit. After getting a lawyer involved, I eventually got my money. I'm generously still giving them a 2 because I loved my apartment, but you rent from these people at your own risk.
Posted By: TENENT Rating:
HORRIBLE. These people are so rude and are very UNWILLING to work with tenants. I had TWO mice die in the stove and they wouldn't replace the stove. They started showing our apartment 4 MONTHS prior to us moving out. People were viewing the apartment when we were not home. They didn't care that we requested to have a phone call alerting us of a visit. They didn't inform any of the brokerage offices with the correct information. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE DIRTY PEOPLE. The RENT increase was unreasonable during our two years living in the apartment. There are constant problems with the apartment and they don't care. HORRIBLE. DO NOT RENT AN APARTMENT FROM THIS MANAGEMENT COMPANY. The apartments are not kept well and they give you a GIANT headache to deal with. KEEP IT MOVING!
Posted By: Jonah Rating:
Application process was not bad, the apartments were nice and clean. Definitely recommended.