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Posted By: 220 E25 Rating:
Terrible company! Rented an illegal apt to me with open violations, roaches, bedbugs, mice, no smoke alarm, filthiest laundromat I've ever seen, and things like heat and elevator constantly broken! When I began complaining they lied, and when I wasn't happy with it, got a lawyer on my case. Filed every appropriate complaint against them, but somehow I don't think they'll care.
Posted By: Guy Rating:
Got a good deal. Easy application. Super was always good with repairs
Posted By: HowToRentInNYC Rating:
I worked with ATA many times. All of their apartments are solid in quality (cleanliness, updated appliances, floors, elevators) BUT Their prices are on the higher end. NOTE: Best deal is their west village property.. huge, amazing and nice price. NOTE: They do not let you convert any apartments. Their two bedrooms are very costly.