Landlord / Property Manager: Arthur Leeds

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  • Buildings In: Manhattan (Uptown, Harlem, Midtwon)
  • Website: n/a
  • Phone: 212-874-6400
  • Accepts Insurent: -- what's this?

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Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Good service, nice people working here...
Posted By: Tenant Rating:
Do not move into their 133rd street building. They'll tempt you with a low price, but then you arrive to discover on your first night that you are breathing in fumes from the diesel gas pump hidden right outside your window, from the constantly idling trucks that use it, and from other trucks associated with the MTA depot next door that sit with engines on. Residents have been complaining about the pump and the depot for years to no avail. The landlord knows about the problem but doesn't inform potential tenants before they sign the dotted line. You can almost always smell toxic air, poisoning residents and probably the children at the school across the street. Plus, as others have pointed out, the management folks are awful to deal with, treating tenants with suspicion and disrespect. Shame on Leeds, shame on the MTA, and shame on the city.
Posted By: Tenant Rating:
I'm a tenant at 320 W 56th St., and I completely agree with all of the reviews here. The front office staff is rude, dismissive and curt with its communications. The buildings elevator is constantly out of service. I've tried to get water damage repaired from the apartment above me for the last 4 months to no avail. Avoid at all costs.
Posted By: Repulsive Inc Rating:
Totally agree with all the other posters. Barbara and Suet are totally unprofessional and offer only nasty, quick one liners on the phone or email It is disgusting and borderline illegal. I would be ashamed to work at or run a company like that. So should she: Stacey Shurgin | LinkedIn Enjoy your new google search result Stacey!
Posted By: Rude Rating:
Posted By: Melissa B. Rating:
Unfortunately, I am a tenant of this horrible real estate management company, Arthur Leeds Associates. I would advise you to stay clear of renting from these awful people. They have ZERO respect for the people they rent to, they do not take care of their buildings or the people renting them. If there is an issue, good luck getting it addressed. If you are a day late with your rent, expect to receive an eviction notice - I received such a notice when my auto-payment didn't go out and my check arrived 2 days late, first time in 2 years. They are sub-human and lack all professional skills and care only about receiving your money. Lastly, Barbara Mosheir of Leeds Associates is truly a horrible person to deal with. I've never met this awful woman face to face, but have had the unfortunate experience of receiving her emails, and over the phone. After calling the "Front Desk" three times regarding a serious apartment issue, an unreasonably rude and aggressive woman answers the phone demanding to know WHY I have been calling "all day", yelling why I didn't just leave a message like a "normal person" and hangs up on me. I cannot stress how awful this management company, they should be shut down and put out of business. They are slum lords, avoid them.
Posted By: Anonymous Rating:
Leeds is worse than your typical slumlord. Barbara and Suet at the front desk are nasty and abusive, and constantly threaten legal action for no reason. Buildings are poorly maintained. I strongly recommend you not rent from them.
Posted By: Previous Renter Rating:
Hands down the worst landlord in the nation. I just moved from one of their units in the UWS, and to say it was one of the worst experiences of my life is putting it lightly. You will never be able to get a hold of anyone at the office unless they decide to call you, then you won't stop hearing from them. The staff are some of the most vile and despicable humans you will ever encounter. It simply amazes me that these people still have jobs. It's not a coincidence that there are so many negative reviews. STAY AWAY!
Posted By: current tenant Rating:
I came across this website searching to contact anyone other than Barbara from Arthur Leeds Associates. My day gets a little bit worse every time I receive an email from this woman who hides behind her email, deriding tenants, often going as far as threatening eviction. I tell friends and family to stay away from any Leeds Associates building so as to not have to deal with this pathetically soulless human being.
Posted By: current tenant Rating:
Barbara is the only person you can talk to in that office as she is the only one who answers phones or emails. To say that she is a horrible human being would be putting it mildly. Any request you will make will be met with a no...even when it's in the landlord's best interest. Worst landlord I've had at NYC.
Posted By: former tenant Rating:
horrible. Stay away!!!!
Posted By: Sophia Rating:
Best management company I've had in my 10 years of living in NYC
Posted By: Anonynous Rating:
Worst landlords ever. Disgusting customer service.
Posted By: FormerTenant Rating:
I used to live at 320 W. 56 Street. During the time I was there, the elevator was out over five weeks during a single year. The landlord's front desk was not only unresponsive but openly antagonistic (cursing at me) when I called to ask about the service being restored.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
they are horrible. They set the example for slum lords. Your best bet with these people is to file complaints with the city when they won't fix a problem. They will come and fix it real fast after that!!!!
Posted By: UnfortunateTenan Rating:
Alas, I am a current tenant. In the last two months, I have been without elevator service for 7 days (that's over 10 percent of the time). Forget heat in the winter. And yes, I'm afraid that the front desk is just as vicious--and obscene--as advertised. If you're silly enough to rent from them, make sure that you keep dupliate receipts of EVERYTHING because management will try to tell you that you haven't paid even when you are waving the cancelled check in their face.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
I asked to be let go of my 2 year lease one month early. They acted like I was insulting them whereas I'm thinking we're doing both parties a favor. They can rent it out at a higher rent fairly quickly... I agree with the previous poster that Barbara has no concept of customer service and so do the rest of the people working at that office.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
If I could give them negative stars I would. They are rude and downright vicious with their tenants. The buildings are nice and clean, but say anything and they will opt not to renew your lease and you’ll just be paying another broker fee in a year.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Barbara Mosheir who works their front desk is a prime example of the lack of respect these landlords have for their tenants. Simply vile.