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Posted By: TJ Rating:
This management company doesn't even deserve one star. The building and the landlord were barely acceptable (meaning, they addressed the fact that the front door to the building wouldn't shut within three weeks). But I have yet to find one competent person on the management team who would help me with any task, small or big. They not only made me pay rent months in advance, but they proceeded to tell me that they couldn't show me any larger apartments (which I was looking for) in their other buildings until my lease is up, while they simultaneously showed other people my apartment for rent at the same time. They simply referred me to the website and said that despite the fact that I lived in the building for several years, they couldn't be any more accommodating as I searched for a larger apartment. Then, when I gave up on the option of moving to another of Algin's buildings, they ignored my phone calls and e-mail requests for a letter of reference to a new management company. I'm moving out in three weeks, and am beyond excited to deal with individuals who know how to treat their paying tenants, and who respond to requests and concerns. I would highly recommend that NO ONE rent an apartment from any of Algin's buildings, because I guarantee you will not be able to contact any of their management when you need it. This was beyond awful customer service.
Posted By: KEP Rating:
Algin is unresponsive, unprofessional and incompetent. They focus on getting tenants in the door, but forget about them the second they are locked into a contract. My requests for maintenance go unnoticed, my noise complaints are not responded to and my requests for better customer service are met with hostile employees. I recommend staying clear of their buildings and spending your money elsewhere.
Posted By: ScottyB Rating:
Management really takes care of their buildings. They can be hard-headed about extracting maximum rent, but given the quality of the apartments and ease in dealing with the management, it's worth it.