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Posted By: tenant Rating:
Actually, though there can be hassles with this company, the landlord was very decent with me when I had a recent problem. They make repairs in a timely way, an exterminator comes once a month. I have never seen a cockroach. They could get a more polite and competent superintendent.
Posted By: Anonymous Rating:
Don't rent from this landlord unless you want to end up in a situation where if you have problems with your apartment, you will be forced to deal mainly with the office receptionist or an incompetent superintendent. You would have a better chance going over Niagara Falls in a barrel than reaching Neal Hidalgo on the phone.
Posted By: Ex-tenant Rating:
One of the main problems with this management company is that they refuse to pay well and end up hiring the rudest, most incompetent people to do work in the buildings. Apparently, there is no caring on the part of the landlord.
Posted By: ex-tenant Rating:
This company has deteriorated in the past five years. It's never possible to reach Neal Hidalgo. He refuses to return calls or e-mail. Poorly run operation. Steer clear of it. If you want a good apartment with a good company deal with a professional company.
Posted By: Annonymous Rating:
Good luck getting paid for work done. Doesn't return any phone calls and avoids you like the plague
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
My building has NO cockroaches,we have regular exterminator visits, and repairs are done, as needed. But dealing with the company itself is difficult.They are very rude and discourteous.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
I would rate this company as a 0 if I had the option. Harris is a complete jerk and doesn't know how to speak to people. He should not be in an industry dealing with people. I would not rent from him I if I was desperate for a place to live in. I would rather be homeless than deal with this company. They are awful.
Posted By: Disgusted Tenant Rating:
Neal Hidalgo solicits sexual favors from Asian female tenants in exchange for rent benefits. A visit to his office will confirm his Asian fetish. Also, cockroach infested buildings.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Apartments are old and maintained for basic use. Overpriced compared to other similar apartments. Management is useless. Broker Harrris Philip is a horrifying example for a human being.