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Posted By: anonymous Rating:
Abington is pretty terrible. My air conditioner has been broken for 5 days now in the hottest part of the year and they won't prorate my rent or do anything to compensate. I would definitely not recommend going with one of their properties.
Posted By: anonymous Rating:
not very easy to work with
Posted By: Brendan Rating:
THIS IS THE WORST BUILDING MANAGEMENT COMPANY. Their leasing managers, especially LINDA BURLEY, are not only the most incompetent people I have ever dealt with but they are also dishonest and totally unpleasant to deal with. Avoid dealing with these people at all costs.
Posted By: Anonymous Rating:
I have lived here for about two years and have no major complaints. I've heard that Abington has a reputation for not returning phone calls and being difficult, but I have had no run-ins with them. The super is great and handles everything, and he never complains about Abington. Abington does spend money on their properties, such as renovating bathrooms and kitchens. On the other hand they are cheap when it comes to amenities and staff. As someone noted, they do love to throw up drywall to create additional bedrooms. It cheapens the building, I think. The bottom line is I have no horror stories, and horror stories in NYC are usually pretty easy to come by.
Posted By: Leslie Rating:
The worst management company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. They let anyone live there...we had so many arrests I couldn't keep count. The ninth floor had to be completely gutted because part of the building was shifting so they paid off the inspectors illegally to fix it without telling the tenants. We awoke to jackhammers.
Posted By: Anonymous Rating:
Without doubt, not only the worst property company I've ever dealt with, but the worst company period. Atrocious customer service, quick enough to take your money, but try getting it back! If I can put off just one person from renting through Abington then I will be satisfied. It's amazing the company is actually able to function being that in my experience it is run by a bunch of headless chickens. My personal experience consisted of leaving multiple voicemails with no response, being hung up on when my question proved to taxing, Abington losing my records, gaining no interest on my security deposit, to name but a few. Avoid like the plague.
Posted By: KaTrina Rating:
It made me mad! My hubby was away for a business trip so that basically the person who vied the apt was me, he filled in the application and faxed it to them the next day...they told us to wait for a call...a day...two...a week...and when i finally called them myself wondering what had happened with the application they told me that they WILL NOT ACCEPT it until my hubby views it WITH HIS OWN EYES!!!Excuse me!!That's TOO much!
Posted By: Anna Rating:
I'll be living in a building on Park Ave--great location & really nice super. I, too, was really suprised by how many months of rent they asked upfront for, though.
Posted By: AbingtonisNUTS Rating:
I tried to rent in both of these buildings. I had a great guarantor and a solid job but they still wanted 6 months up front... so i said peace. Apartment on 22nd street was DARK and not updated at all.. Park ave much better
Posted By: HowToRentInNYC Rating:
I worked with Abington properties several times. Their apartments are in amazing locations. Their best quality buildings are in Soho. Abington tends to chop up their apartments. A real one bedroom can be converted into not only a two-bedroom, but a three-bedroom. Their supers are really responsive and show apartments at their designated hours. NOTE: They are very difficult on your application. If you need a guarantor or your income does not meet their criteria they will want 6 months of rent up front.