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Posted By: DONTRENTABECO Rating:
Company left us without heat or hot water for 8 days in December. When we confronted them, the owner and receptionist demonstrated the most unprofessional behavior I've ever come into contact with. The owner verbally assaulted myself while the receptionist spoke in a completely inappropriate manner to my MOTHER. We were also JUST ABLE to get wifi due to the mgt comp. we got internet and cable on jan 5... We moved in dec 1. Currently 14 degrees outside on jan 9 and we haven't had ANY water for the entire jan 8 until further notice. Fingers are crossed for tomorrow. When we asked for a rent deduction they essentially told us we were ignorant for even asking. Took work off today because Nyesha guaranteed us that a plumber would fix it today... Well it's the next day and I still can't use the toilet or brush my teeth in my own apartment. It's mindblowing that this company is up and running. Such an unprofessional, unethical business. The law agrees.