Landlord / Property Manager: 171 Mulberry LLC

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  • Buildings In: Manhattan ( Nolita, Soho)
  • Website: n/a
  • Phone: n/a
  • Accepts Insurent: No what's this?

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Posted By: anonymous Rating:
This is one of the worst experiences I've had in the city. The management company (two people) are extremely non responsive. They tell you to "email with any problems." These emails are never answered and the problems are rarely fixed. This building and its great location could be prime living if the ownership and management company took the smallest responsibility to fix the building. Great location, okay apartment, terrible maintenance (repeated lack of hot water and heat), mice infested, and trash build up too much for the thousands of dollars you are going to pay to live there.
Posted By: Billy Rubin Rating:
This is undoubtedly one of the worst rental experiences I have ever experienced in this city - and believe me, I've had some nightmares. Aside from the rodent infestation (which you come to accept living in an old NYC building) the management companies inability, or unwillingness to pay for roach extermination in our apartment left me aghast - we were expected to pay ourselves. Not that such a visitation should be a surprise, given that all the trash is kept in the building on the ground floor since it can't be put out on the street due to the restuarants that line Mulberry. They make for a lovely welcome home on the end of a hot sticky July day. But of all the problems I had the no. 1 by far was the repeated breakdown of the heating/hot water system in the building. Again, I've lived in old tenement buildings before and that the rickety plumbing can foul up once in a while. My gripe is that the management company would take in some cases up to 10 days to get the problem fixed. Can you imagine living in a building where the water and heat stays off for 10 days in February? I had to move in which friends on more than one occasion since the unheated apartment was a real health hazard - you could get hypothermia (I'm not exagerating) sleeping in an unheated apartment when its 18 degrees outside. Trust me, while the location is great and once upon a time the rents reasonable, stay away from this hole - pay a few bucks extra to live somewhere liveable.