How to Find a Roommate in NYC

roommates enjoying their shared apartment in New York City

If the thought of living alone is unappealing to you (whether that be for social or financial reasons), you’ll want to consider finding roommates before you begin your quest to find an apartment. Here are our tips for finding a roommate in New York City: How to Find a Roommate Who’s a Good Match If … Read more

Renter Questions

“I am moving along with the new wave of college grads to the city for work that begins July 9th , I figure that this influx of new hires might cause the market to be overly competitive (thus more expensive) for that june/july move in. Do you think it is a justified strategy to try … Read more

Condo vs. Co-op

condo and co-op buildings in new york city

Condos, co-ops, and condotels… OH MY! If you’ve taken off a bigger bite than you can chew when it comes to the verbiage of real estate in the Big Apple, you might be in dire need of a quick explainer. The terms “condo” and “co-op” are undoubtedly intermixed on the rental websites and broker literature … Read more

NYC Apartment Living: Cost of apartments, Rent control, guarantors, what you need to make to live here!

money for cost of nyc apartment

So how much does an apartment cost??? The answer is, “A lot!” It’s no secret NYC real estate is expensive. It all depends on the location, the amenities, and the condition of the building. Amenities may include doorman, laundry, elevator, dishwasher, luxury style, gym, and dry cleaning in the building. Neighborhood preferences change, and what’s … Read more

NYC Apartment Lingo

What is a “convertible 2 bedroom”? In Manhattan space is very limited. A real two-bedroom apartment is an apartment with two bedrooms, a kitchen and a separate living space. A convertible 2 bedroom is a one-bedroom apartment that has potential. It has space to allow you to cut the living or dining space in half … Read more

Renting in NYC: Broker vs. No Broker

nyc apartment broker

Do I need a broker to rent in New York City? This is the million-dollar question! The simple answer is “no,” you don’t need a broker to rent in NYC. But it is helpful to have one. Most management companies and landlords do not make vacancy listings available to the general public, but rather only … Read more

How to Rent With Bad Credit

finding an apatment with bad credit

Credit scores and the apartment finding process go hand in hand. When you apply to an apartment, you should expect that the application will inform you that the processor will run a credit check on you early in the process. Bad credit can eliminate you entirely from consideration. That’s why it’s important for prospective NYC … Read more